Creative Home Storage Ideas

Creative Home Storage Ideas

You can never have too much storage space. Even though some of us have huge walk-in closets and in-built cabinets, at some point, you will still feel you need additional storage space. Fortunately, there are many other creative ways to store your extra essentials. The innovative solutions below will help you organize every room in your house;

1. Stagger shelves

Uniform shelves can overwhelm a small space and make it appear smaller than it is. Alternatively, look for ladder-style shelves that offer more storage space for your essentials. Besides creating more storage space, these shelves also lighten up your space`s feel and appearance.

2. Utilize vertical spaces

This includes incorporating a storage solution behind the bathroom door, and it is the perfect solution for a small space. You could use the other areas in the room to come up with more creative spaces. Several slim baskets will hold your essentials, such as towels, toothbrushes, and so many more!

3. Incorporate open storage

Drawers are convenient in storing your items, though you can also use open storage. If you live in a smaller space, you might need to utilize plain view areas as storage spaces. Try categorizing items of the same size, and store them in a storage piece that complements the room`s design. For instance, you can use a mesh file to keep the aluminium foil and other cooking essentials close.

4. Add simple add-ons

To come up with more storage space for your home, try adding incremental storage. You can go for a narrow shelf; it will provide enough room to store all your glass canisters. You can also use it to hold the kitchen essentials that you often use in one place. You can also incorporate wall storage furniture from

5. Cardboard boxes

If you frequently store items in your freezer, it can at times be difficult if you do not organize them properly. This storage idea is cheap, simple, and smart. Cut the top of a utilized cardboard box, fill it with different items, then label them accordingly, and place them in the freezer.

6. Fruit basket

Fruit baskets are another fantastic way to store your items. The things you add to the fruit basket appear well-arranged and make the room look tidier. Besides, the items are easy to reach. A fruit basket can be filled with your bathroom essentials and make it look neat and de-cluttered.

7. Arrange your water bottles

Water bottles and mugs are not very easy to organize. Many are the times you re-arrange the whole kitchen trying to find your water bottle or travel mug. By placing them on one shelf or basket and labeling them, you will never have to waste time looking for them again.

Whether you have a huge home or reside in a smaller house, these creative ways to create storage space will come in handy!